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Vulnerable by Tinashe Lyrics

Once upon a time I was all alone
How you like me now? Do I turn you on?
Now I got you drunk actin’ vulnerable
Show you what you want, give me what you want
Have to make you mine, get you on the
Yeah, watch me go to work, I’ll put on a show
Now I got you drunk, hot, and vulnerable
Show me what you want, give me what you want, want
Don’t stop looking at me These niggas ain’t bout it, bout it
These niggas ain’t nothing on you baby
You got it got it
The way you run shit and make it rain so well
My Birkin bag, my pinky ring
Coat tail
Oh yeah
You know what?
I’m that crazy motherfucker from the dust
You’re the angel out of hell from the crust
Independent of this world, we in touch
Man I love when your ass start to fuss
And that crazy little face when you cuss
You know my crazy ass is a nut
Hand on the wheel, hand on my elephant tusk
Hand on her mouth, now you ain’t gotta say much
Fuck bitch you know you can’t be loud
Shut the fuck up!
That’s why I’m in it and I can’t get out it
At least said it and then she can’t figure it out
I hit the deep end just so I can swim in nasa
And once ‘Ye finished, then I put my dick in her mouth
Bitch stop lookin’ at me
Hold up
Bitch keep lookin’ at me


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